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Switch to a new paradigm

How theTrustHQ platform can allow you to unleash the true potential of your full governance framework:

from cybersecurity standards to risk mitigation, project planification, tailor-made dashboards and many others… TrustHQ functionalities go beyond CISO’s expectations.


Continuous improvement


Security Audits

Risk mitigation

Regulatory Compliance & ISO

IS planning

Declaration of applicability

Discover TrustHQ

Digitalize cybersecurity framework

Digitalize cybersecurity framework Take advantage of the unlimited capabilities of a digital environment and free your organisation from alienating cybersecurity documentation.

Provide context on cybersecurity actions and initiate a better understanding cybersecurity with:

  • Mitigated risks, standards (ISO, NIST, ISA, PCI…)
  • Attributes, priorities, owners, procedures…
  • Access a multidimensional view of your ISP

Manage cybersecurity tasks

Enter the new era of cybersecurity governance management.
Seamlessly define, edit, evaluate costs and assign cybersecurity action plans (security audit, risk mitigation…):

  • Effortlessly build cybersecurity actions plans
  • Decide who is in charge of cybersecurity reporting
  • Centralize reporting, proofs and dashboards

Choose your certification ISO, HDS…

Manage all stages of your certification process:

  • Define action plan and ISP
  • Tasks planification & automated DDA
  • On clic Declaration of applicability

Say goodbye to Excels files…


Audit anyone

Save time by mutualizing the audit process in a single plarform and follow compliance year after year.

  • Adapt questionnaires to subsidiaries
  • Audit against any standard
  • Visualize compliance dashboards

Experts ready to help

Implementing cybersecurity governance is not only about a solution it is also a question of expertise. Our team of expert is ready to help you on key cybersecurity topics:

  • CISO’s assistance (audit, risks, ISSP…)
  • Path to cybersecurity certification (ISO HDS…)
  • Technical security guidelines (servers and workstations)
  • Technical hardening procedures
  • COMEX training

Key benefits

Fast & Easy integration

Easily integrate with TrustHQ initialization service. Evolve rapidly from 1.0 files to 2.0 Governance

Governance and reveal the potential of your cybersecurity processes, making it a seamless part of all companies activities.

Superior User Experience

Drive interest and approval by making it easy to understand, apply and report cybersecurity progress.

Increase adoption of evidence-based risk mitigation and cybersecurity efficiency.

Save time and money

Leave multiple audit correction, risk mitigation and compliance action plans behind.

Embed all cybersecurity actions in one place and seamlessly prove your risk mitigation and compliance across multiple standards with a single action. We’ll do the rest.

Why TrustHQ

Today’s cybersecurity governance is built on Excel and Word. This adds tremendous complexity to an already time and mind consuming task.

It is time to enter a new governance era and empower CISO with a customized, intuitive, effortless, fully integrated governance tool.

Seamless integration



Customer oriented

What’s next ?

TrustHQ is designed by CISO. and improved by CISO. Our clients needs and expectations are a source of new features.

Our clients’ needs and expectations are a source of new features. Share some expectations:


  • Advanced analytics
  • Homomorphic encryption
  • Multi layer integration

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