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Discover cybersecurity governance 2.0

Centralize cybersecurity content and processes in one place and give your teams their full potential to understand and implement cybersecurity rules.

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reach approval across the company
  • Focus on what really matters
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Study: Governance Perspectives

Our experts give you their perspectives on Cybersecurity Governance.

Download the summary now and discover the 2022 trends.

Discover cybersecurity governance 2.0

Accelerate Cybersecurity Governance

Design, build and update seamlessly your cybersecurity compliance and risk mitigation framework.

Visualize in risk remediation progress :

  • Map any risk, any standard, any requirement
  • Seamlessly assign tasks
  • Empower team with a powerful interface

Effortless compliance meetings

Save time through centralized access to tasks lists and action plans. Drive cybersecurity collaboration across the company.

  • Keep cybersecurity on schedule
  • Collect compliance during meetings
  • Follow progress in real-time

Control design to action plan in seconds

Any action created or updated can be shared instantly across the company. Go to action in a clic.

  • Sleek and intuitive design
  • Notify teams and collect proofs effortlessly
  • Automate cybersecurity dashboards

A single platform to rule them all

The multiple cybersecurity standards bring an apparent complexity impossible to overcome with standard governance solutions.

TrustHQ has developed a unique strategy to correlate, maintain, map, standards from multiples sources : national, international, legal, regulatory… (ISO, ANSSI, ENISA, NIST, PCI, MITRE…)


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